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With so many holiday engagements announced recently, brides-to-be have begun the exhaustive planning process, scouring magazines, asking friends for referrals and spending hours researching on the internet.  At Hamilton Jewelers, let us help with what we know best – what you’re going to wear!  Have you picked out your gown, or have an heirloom piece you want to coordinate with your wedding day attire?  We’ll make sure your questions are answered!

Which pieces will best compliment my gown?

There are so many different options!  But you do have to consider gown necklines and hair styles.  Up-dos look phenomenal with a pair of diamond drop earrings, like our 18k gold and diamond earrings from our Lisette Collection, which will really add some sparkle and, especially for those photos, light up your smile.  Earrings are a great add if you don’t have the right gown neckline, but if you do, you might want to consider a necklace that will appear to glitter next to the dress.  Since vintage is in, necklaces with a classic feel add just the right touch, whether you go for a pendant like our 18k diamond pendant or an elaborate design, like our 18k diamond flower necklace from our Heritage Collection.

I have an heirloom necklace my family wants me to wear, but it’s very busy, how can I coordinate other pieces?

We love heirloom pieces; they often tell a story and have an interesting style to them, like in our estate collection.  If you have a busy piece to wear, it’s best to show subtle sparkle, like perhaps diamond or pearl stud earrings.  It’s ok to mix match gems and metalwork.

What about bridesmaids, how much is too much?

It’s great to give bridesmaids jewelry they will wear at the wedding as gifts.  If they choose their own, not everything photographs well.  The look might appear disparate.  There are a lot of pearl options for bridesmaids, everything from earrings, bracelets, necklaces to rings.  But you can go any route, as long as in the end, the look appears put together.

And remember, jewelry is not an afterthought, you should consider it when dress shopping!

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