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Shinola watches Built in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Here is a storied American brand, and a storied American city. Shinola transformed 30,000 square feet of raw space into a state-of-the-art watch factory inside the College for Creative Studies within the historic Argonaut building. Production combines meticulous hand-assembly with the most advanced technology available to ensure the watches are both beautiful and built to last. Crafted by skilled artisans with a tremendous pride of work to reclaim and define American luxury through American quality. Built in the U.S.A. with Swiss and imported parts.

Authorized Shinola Watch Sales and Service.

  • Shinola The Canfield 38MM Nude Alligator Strap 20001934-SDT-000549383
    $850.00 INFO | BAG
  • Shinola 41mm The Runwell Blue Dial 10000144-SDT-000015371
    SHINOLA 41MM THE RUNWELL BLUE DIAL 10000144-SDT-000015371
    $550.00 INFO | BAG
  • Shinola Agnes Varis 20023288-SDT-001460611
    SHINOLA AGNES VARIS 20023288-SDT-001460611
    $1,000.00 INFO | BAG
  • Shinola The Agnes Varis 20023283-SDT-001459427
    SHINOLA THE AGNES VARIS 20023283-SDT-001459427
    $1,450.00 INFO | BAG
  • Shinola The Agnes Varis 20023284-SDT-001459428
    SHINOLA THE AGNES VARIS 20023284-SDT-001459428
    $795.00 INFO | BAG
  • Shinola The Agnes Varis 20023287-SDT-001459430
    SHINOLA THE AGNES VARIS 20023287-SDT-001459430
    $1,300.00 INFO | BAG
  • Shinola The Agnes Varis 20023289-SDT-001460613
    SHINOLA THE AGNES VARIS 20023289-SDT-001460613
    $2,300.00 INFO | BAG
  • Shinola The Agnes Varis 20023290-SDT-001460612
    SHINOLA THE AGNES VARIS 20023290-SDT-001460612
    $2,250.00 INFO | BAG
  • Shinola The Agnes Varis Blue 20023281-SDT-001459425
    SHINOLA THE AGNES VARIS BLUE 20023281-SDT-001459425
    $1,350.00 INFO | BAG
  • Shinola The Agnes Varis Pink 20023282-SDT-001459426
    SHINOLA THE AGNES VARIS PINK 20023282-SDT-001459426
    $1,350.00 INFO | BAG
  • Shinola The Black Blizzard 48mm 10000118-SDT-000009912
    SHINOLA THE BLACK BLIZZARD 48MM 10000118-SDT-000009912
    $1,500.00 INFO | BAG
  • Shinola The Canfield 20004468-SDT-000378330
    SHINOLA THE CANFIELD 20004468-SDT-000378330
    $900.00 INFO | BAG
  • Shinola The Canfield 38mm 20004466-SDT-000549383
    SHINOLA THE CANFIELD 38MM 20004466-SDT-000549383
    $800.00 INFO | BAG
  • Shinola The Canfield 38mm 20004467-SDT-000897865
    SHINOLA THE CANFIELD 38MM 20004467-SDT-000897865
    $900.00 INFO | BAG
  • Shinola The Canfield 38mm Gray Dial 20001933-SDT-000897865
    SHINOLA THE CANFIELD 38MM GRAY DIAL 20001933-SDT-000897865
    $900.00 INFO | BAG
  • Shinola The Canfield 43mm 20001939-SDT-000549385
    SHINOLA THE CANFIELD 43MM 20001939-SDT-000549385
    $650.00 INFO | BAG