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The Perfect Pearl: June’s Birthstone and a the ‘Queen of Gems’ 

The Pearl: A Symbol of Grit and Grace The ocean, such a romantic trope throughout history, literature, music, and art. And the lustrous pearl is its perfect ambassador, a treasure born of grit and resolve,[…]

School’s Out & Father’s Day Is Near: Get Great Gifts for Dads and Grads 

Summer’s almost here, which means it is not only the season of graduations, but Father’s Day is just around the corner. For Dads For dads, we have something for every type of father out there.[…]

‘Nothing Greens Greener’ Than an Emerald

Or so said Rome’s Pliny the Elder about the magnificent emerald. From the Emerald Isle to the Emerald City, this gem is consistently associated with lush landscapes, power, and growth. The birthstone for those born[…]

Bold Color, Commitment to Community, and Plenty of Charisma – Jane Taylor Jewelry Does It All

Touting tons of color, clean lines, bold & beautiful designs, and a strong ethos of giving back, Jane Taylor Jewelry is the ultimate fine jewelry designer for those who want to make an impression while[…]

Diamonds – The Celebrities of the Gem and Mineral World

1,109-carat Lasedi La Rona Rough Diamond. Source: Monty Adams. Diamond. The word alone conjures up images of wealth and opulence. It stems from the Greek word ‘atamas’, which means ‘unbreakable’, and the name certainly fits.[…]

Zodiac Jewelry – Go Beyond Your Birthstone and Tap into the Heavens

Astrological symbols have long been associated with Zodiac star signs. The planets, the elements, colors, and superstition have combined to link each sign of the Zodiac to a kind of totem representative of a particular[…]

Accentuate Your Big Day: Jewelry Accessories That Complement Your Wedding Dress  

You’ve Got Your Dress, Now For the Finishing Touches! With new wedding trends, including elongated shapes, celestial styles, unique gemstones, and pearls, brides have even more leeway in their accessory choices for their big day.[…]

January’s Gorgeous Birthstone Is More Than Just a Pretty Gem

You may know garnets as the red birthstone of January, but did you know they also represent friendship, loyalty and trust? Sturdy enough for daily wear or evening attire, and available in a vast color[…]

The Ultimate Guide: Jewelry Trends 2022

2022 is a year that is all about the drama. Bold, statement jewelry pieces in titanium, ebony, and gold have been spotted adorning models on runways all over the world. Minimalism is a thing of[…]

The Ultimate Guide to Layered Necklaces

There was a time when wearing more than one necklace at a time was considered a bit tawdry and unfashionable. This year has seen more people adopting the attitude of “more is more”. People everywhere[…]

Gemstones More Rare than Diamonds

While no one can deny the power and beauty of the diamond, there are other gemstones out there that are just as rare and beautiful. If your loved one likes a bit of color and likes[…]

Hamilton’s Ultimate Men’s Watch Guide Part II

Please feel free to refer to Hamilton’s Ultimate Men’s Watch Guide Part 1, where we discuss types and styles of men’s watches popular in 2021. We also provide a handy list of time-keeping terminology. Please see below for[…]

The Ultimate Men’s Watch Guide

Welcome to the world of horology, where time is truly of the essence. Whether you are looking to become the next watch collector extraordinaire, or searching for your first or fiftieth luxury timepiece to celebrate an important[…]

Jewelry Gifts for Everyone & Every Budget

Find the perfect gift for your loved one this year here at Hamilton’s. We’ve saved you some valuable shopping time by breaking this guide down into specific price ranges to help you stay within your budget.[…]

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