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Women’s Watches: The Time Has Come

Accessories are often an afterthought when getting ready for the day, yet they are the elements that can take an outfit from basic to beguiling. What better accessory than that of one that has a[…]

Let’s Get Technical

Are you in the market for a watch but find yourself wondering about the difference between automatic and hand winding mechanical watches? Are you not entirely sure which watch is right for you? Do not[…]

Let Us Be Your Guide for Jewelry Shopping

Are you embarking on a milestone birthday and planning to indulge in a piece of jewelry for yourself? Perhaps your anniversary is approaching, and you are looking for that perfect piece to commemorate all those[…]

The Power of Celebrity Style & Hamilton Jewelers

Do you ever find yourself admiring the jewelry on celebrities and wishing you could recreate their looks? It is easier than you think with the perfect pieces from Hamilton Jewelers! Whether it is classic pieces[…]

Who is David Yurman?

David Yurman is a name synonymous with elegance, luxury, and style in the world of high-end jewelry. He is an American designer and entrepreneur who has created some of the most iconic pieces of jewelry[…]

The Charm Bracelet

Ever wonder why particular trends have staying power and tend to evolve over time while others fade away never to be thought of again? A jewelry trend that has proven to have major staying power[…]

The Mechanics of Quartz Watches 

Watch enthusiasts know that quartz watches are special, and it is no wonder. Since their inception in 1969, quartz watches have revolutionized the way we tell time with their impressive accuracy. But have you ever[…]

Choosing The Right Wedding Band

The wedding band. It has no beginning and no end. The symbol of eternal love. What may seem like just a small round piece of metal, actually possesses deep traditions and a rich history that[…]

Shop Local!

“I believe a man is measured by the legacy that he leaves to his family, his friends, and his community.”- Irving Siegel.   For the founder of Hamilton Jewelers, Irving Siegel, supporting the community was (and[…]

How do you Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

How do you celebrate the day of love? Are you a Valentine’s Day traditionalist, wishing to be adorned with chocolates, long stem red roses, and declarations of romantic love? Maybe you celebrate love amongst your[…]

Dare We Suggest Another Gemstone Besides the Diamond?

Diamonds. Are they beautiful? Yes.   Are they brilliant and sparkly? Absolutely.   Are they classic? Always.   But hear us out. What if we told you that diamonds, usually the main character, do not always have to[…]

Celebrating 110 Years of Hamilton

*All photos by Karla Korn On December 8th, under the twinkling stars of The Colony’s East Garden in Palm Beach, Florida, Hamilton closed out 2022 with a lush garden party celebrating their 110th anniversary. Upon[…]

Jade Trau- New York City in Her Veins

Jade Lustig has New York City running through her veins. A self-proclaimed “47th Street girl,” her love of the Big Apple comes through in her ready-to-wear, impeccably designed pieces of fine jewelry. Jade combines her[…]

The Serene and Striking Beauty of the December Stone

As the sun sets over a gray landscape, and we seek warmth and cozier climates around a fireplace, it is poetic that the December birthstone is one that harkens back to warm sky-blue sunny days[…]

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