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Dinh Van: Everyday Elegance, Simply Done

Paris-based design house La Maison Dinh Van has been creating designer fine jewelry that forges its own path since 1965. Dinh Van jewelry reflects the spirit of its founder, iconoclast Jean Dinh Van, a sculptor[…]

Stunning Sapphires for September

Okay, September babies! This is your month. But then again, why not share the love? After all, your birthstone, the stunning sapphire, is such a versatile gemstone that it really fits any personality and any[…]

Fine Jewelry Founded on Style and Principle

How does one reconcile fiercely modern design with timeless elegance while also being socially and environmentally conscious? Just ask fine jewelry designer Camille Parriutte and Nouvel Heritage.   The Story Behind the Brand Nouvel Heritage is[…]

Cleaning and Storing Fine Jewelry

Taking care of fine gold and silver jewelry requires a two-step approach: the first is to properly clean it; the second is to properly store it. However, before we get to the nitty gritty details[…]

Fine Jewelry by NYC-based Designer MARLI

Created by Maral Artinian and drawing inspiration from the world’s most dynamic city— New York City— MARLI is the fine jewelry brand founded on the principles of timeless presence and individuality. Designed to ensure the[…]

Add Some Sparkle to Your Summer Glow

As summer gets into full swing, why not take the opportunity to accentuate bare necklines and stylish updos with a range of beautiful fine jewelry options? This year’s trends include bold colors, silver linings, lots[…]

Bold Color, Commitment to Community, and Plenty of Charisma – Jane Taylor Jewelry Does It All

Touting tons of color, clean lines, bold & beautiful designs, and a strong ethos of giving back, Jane Taylor Jewelry is the ultimate fine jewelry designer for those who want to make an impression while[…]

Diamonds – The Celebrities of the Gem and Mineral World

1,109-carat Lasedi La Rona Rough Diamond. Source: Monty Adams. Diamond. The word alone conjures up images of wealth and opulence. It stems from the Greek word ‘atamas’, which means ‘unbreakable’, and the name certainly fits.[…]

Zodiac Jewelry – Go Beyond Your Birthstone and Tap into the Heavens

Astrological symbols have long been associated with Zodiac star signs. The planets, the elements, colors, and superstition have combined to link each sign of the Zodiac to a kind of totem representative of a particular[…]

Netali Nissim – Beautiful Unique Jewelry Infused With Significance, Spirituality, and Strength

Meaningful Messages Abound in Netali Nissim’s Unique Jewelry Designs  With collection names like Protected, Fortuna, Charmed, and Loved, it is clear Netali Nissim has an extremely focused purpose – to create designs that matter. Her[…]

All About the Amazing Amethyst

Amethyst may be the birthstone for February and for Pisces, but you don’t have to be a February baby or a fish sign to reap the benefits of adding a flash of purple to your[…]

This Valentine’s Day, Make a Bold Statement

Gifts Your Love Will Love Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air! If you are looking for a gift for the one who has your heart, you have come[…]

Accentuate Your Big Day: Jewelry Accessories That Complement Your Wedding Dress  

You’ve Got Your Dress, Now For the Finishing Touches! With new wedding trends, including elongated shapes, celestial styles, unique gemstones, and pearls, brides have even more leeway in their accessory choices for their big day.[…]

January’s Gorgeous Birthstone Is More Than Just a Pretty Gem

You may know garnets as the red birthstone of January, but did you know they also represent friendship, loyalty and trust? Sturdy enough for daily wear or evening attire, and available in a vast color[…]

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