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Spring has sprung, and we are anxiously awaiting the introduction of our spring 2009 ACCENT magazine. Over the past five years, we have enjoyed bringing you the latest in fashion trends, jewelry designs, and interviews with our most notable jewelry designers. Past issues have also included editorial on luxury automobiles, fine dining, gourmet cooking and wine, health and well-being, and a myriad of other relevant and timely topics, written with our clientele in mind.

The writing and production process for the upcoming issue began in the fall as we started to gather ideas, select jewelry, cover special events, conduct interviews, and research and write articles that speak to the lifestyles and interests of our readers. Over the course of the winter, the magazine took shape and we are now in the final stages of printing. The magazine is scheduled to arrive at your home during the last week of April.

Click on any of the covers to view the contents online!

RECEIVE: As the delivery date of the spring issue approaches, please take a moment to contact us at guestservices@hamiltonjewelers.com if you would like to receive this issue and have not received the magazine in the past. Please note your full name and address in the body of the email.

CONTRIBUTE: If you have a topic that you think should be included in the upcoming fall 2009 issue of ACCENT, please comment below and we will take your idea into consideration. Involved in a charitable organization? Have an interesting personal story? Traveled to an exotic destination? We want to hear all about it! Leave a comment or email with your story and pictures and we will contact you if your story is chosen.

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