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Our President and owner, Hank Siegel, was recently selected by a new online bridal resource called Chatterberries, to share our expertise in custom jewelry design. As Mr. Siegel explains in the video, women often have sentimental vintage jewelry that no longer suits their personal taste. We encourage them to bring their jewelry to our stores and begin the process of turning the piece into a gorgeous new design that they can fall in love with all over again.

Below are some screen shots of the video as Mr. Siegel tells the story of how an engagement ring diamond may be taken from it’s original setting and re-mounted into a completely new and unique piece of jewelry.

The client speaks with our Master Jeweler and a sales associate to discuss her ideal jewelry style.

Our staff reviews with the client the options for re-setting the stone.

Preliminary sketches are made and approved.

The jeweler makes a unique mold and creates a new piece of jewelry.

Fine detail and additional elements of the setting are finished and the stone is mounted.

The client is presented with the new piece of jewelry, along with commemorative drawings.

If you would like to experience our custom jewelry design process, please contact us at guestservices@hamiltonjewelers.com or visit your nearest Hamilton Jewelers location.

Contact your nearest store to set up a complimentary consultation with our Master Jeweler on the following dates:

Palm Beach Gardens Mall, FL August 5th, 10am-6pm.

2542 Brunswick Pike, Lawrenceville, NJ. August 6th, 10am-6pm.

92 Nassau Street, Princeton. August 7th, 10am-5pm.

19 Broad Street, Red Bank, NJ. August 20th, 10am-6pm.

215 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, FL. August 12th, 10am-5pm.

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