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Here at Hamilton Jewelers, we are sure you’re thinking “yes, this site looks beautiful, but what’s really ‘new’ about it?”

Our answer would be, “so much!”  The new website has a lot of new, user-friendly features, which will certainly make shopping with Hamilton Jewelers more of a delight than ever before.

1.  Our new site features so  many new products, which is exciting on its own!  From designers to timepieces, giftware to gift certificates, and of course, our Hamilton collections pieces, there is surely something for everyone.

2.  The check out process has a few new options.  Notably, the option for gift wrapping and including a message. With the holidays approaching fast, let Hamilton do the work for you!

3. Perusing items has become a lot more fun!  Each item now has a zoom feature where you can take a more in-depth look.  It’s especially exciting to take a closer peek at some of our more detailed pieces!

4.  Now you have the chance to share with friends what specific items you like on our site.   Is a loved one having a difficult time picking out a holiday gift for you?  Share it on Twitter, they can’t miss it!  Of course, we also feature a fabulous wish list area where you can add your favorite pieces to your heart’s delight!

5.  The Hamilton website is now accessible via your mobile phone, with the ability to purchase by a few simple taps of the keys!

6.  Interested in our catalogs?  Our site now features many of our current and past catalogs in an easy to read format.  If there’s an item that sparks your interest, click on the image, and it will lead you right to the item page!   Shopping has never been so easy!

Of course, there are many new features on our website that Hamilton is excited about.  We encourage you to check out the rest of the site for yourself, and let us know what you think!

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