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Do you know your Chinese zodiac sign? It’s very similar to the astrological signs but every year there is a new sign/animal. 2013 is the year of the snake and it’s very evident in fashion. But before we dive into the fashion side of things, here’s some insight into the characteristics of a person born in the year of the snake. Good tempered and a skillful way of communicating are top on the list of characteristics. Although they are skilled at communicating, they say little. Think of it as everyone’s favorite uncle who never said anything, but when he did open his mouth he had words of wisdom!  Along with those traits, people born in the snake year are very fashionable and stylish. No wonder snakes have made such a splash this year!

We’ve spotted snake patterns everywhere, from the runway to jewelry. Essie even came out with magnetic nail polish that would give you a snakeskin look! If you’re looking to jump on this trend, we have a stunning estate piece. It’s an 18k gold snake bracelet, can you say gorgeous!

Stunning, 18kt yellow gold, diamond, and enamel flexible coil snake bracelet, ca 1980s. Set with 41 diamonds on the head and tail, each eye set with a single ruby, made by Illario for Hamilton Jewelers. Decorated with green, blue, and rust enamelling. Illario produced coiled snake bracelets for many of the world’s premier jewelry houses and fine independent jewelers throughout the years. This bracelet is a one of a kind design.  So, are you ready for the Year of the Snake?

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