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On Saturday, September 26th, we are proud to host The Designer Event. In an effort to bring our clients the best experiences and newest designer collections, we have put together a huge event showcasing new and limited edition pieces from 14 of the top fine jewelry designers. Featuring, Temple St. Clair.

Temple St. Clair

For over 30 years, Temple St. Clair has embraced her passion for precious gemstones and fine gold work through her exquisite jewelry designs. Her inspiration comes not only from her Florentine background, but from her exploration of the world and her dedication to expression through art.

Taking direct influences from customary Moroccan design, St. Clair created her newest collection, The Nomad Collection. Featuring intricate swirling gold work and rich colored gems, this collection takes you on a trip to exotic Marrakech and surrounds you with warmth and beauty.

Temple St. Clair

The story of how this collection came to be is shown through designs themselves, as each piece tells a part of the tale of St. Clair’s trip to historic Marrakech. The best way to describe the feel of the collection is through the words of the designer herself.

After 30 years I returned to La Mamounia, the r

ichly storied hotel in Marrakech.
History repeated itself with a new but old set of Berber bracelets coming into my life.
A feast for the senses greeted me at La Mamounia. Starting with the welcome treat of fresh almond milk and dates, to the Tree of Life fountain; from the Jaques Majorelle’s gemlike ceiling over the b

ar, to the lantern casing speckled patterns along the walkways to the herb and vegetable gardens, and alonfg the old walls that border with medina.
I came away with my mind’s eye full of rich patterns, colors and stories to create a distinct collection commemorating my trip.

Join us September 26th at The Designer Event to view this beautiful collection and more from Temple St. Clair and many other exquisite designers. Learn more about this event here

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