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Saturday, September 26th, we are proud to host The Designer Event. In an effort to bring our clients the best experiences and newest designer collections, we have put together a huge event showcasing new and limited edition pieces from 14 of the top fine jewelry designers. Featuring, Ippolita.

Italian designer Ippolita is known for her beautiful handmade designs that were created to be worn for any type of occasion. Part of this aesthetic is the use of colored gemstones. Her focus on clean, uncomplicated design highlights the natural beauty of the stone and adds a touch of color to any look. With the wide variety of colors used in her designs, Ippolita is the perfect pick for incorporating the hottest fall colors shown on the runway.


Ippolita 18k gold Lollipop rainbow earrings

This year’s fall runway featured designs in a wide range of colors that seemed to weave together earthy neutrals and bold accents creating a palette that was fun and playful while remaining true to its natural roots. Keeping with seasonal tradition, Pantone studied these runway styles and chose the top colors for the upcoming season. Check out the fall Pantone colors we love and the perfect Ippolita pieces to incorporate these trend setting colors to your look.


Ippolita Rock Candy 18k gold and blue topaz pendant with diamonds.

Biscay Bay
A refreshing splash of color for the darkened neutrals, Biscay Bay brings together relaxing blues and energizing greens that instill a sense of calm in any context. To make for a truly serene ambiance, pair with grounded neutrals.


Ippolita sterling silver and London Blue Topaz earrings

Reflecting Pond
A dark icy blue, Reflecting Pond carries serious intent with its murky undertones of navy and the slightest hints of violet. The combination creates a striking sense of security and resolve. The gloomy shade can be brightened up with lively colors, like Cadmium Orange or Amethyst Orchid.


Ippolita 18k gold and lemon citrine pendant

Cadmium Orange
A whimsical peach, Cadmium Orange brings out your inner child playing dress up. Establishing a feeling of fantasy, this quiet orange hue can add a striking contrast to a darker color.


Ippolita 18k gold Lollipop amethyst earrings.

Amethyst Orchid
A deeply electrifying jewel tone, Amethyst Orchid gives off an aura of mystery and elegance. The glowing purples need no help in the brightness department, but can be toned down with soft neutrals.

Join us September 26th at The Designer Event to view these beautiful pieces and more from Ippolita and many other exquisite designers. Learn more about this event here.


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