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5 Reasons to love October

Welcome to October! The chill of fall is in the air and trying every kind of pumpkin creation you can think of is making its way back into the daily routine. While there is a lot to love about this wonderful month, we are excited to share with you the top five reasons why we love October.

1. Opal Birthstones

Opal is one of two birthstones for the month of October with Tourmaline being the second.  We are especially excited for Opals because there is really no other stone like it.  It has a unique iridescence that glows in a rainbow of color from every angle.   Throughout history, Opals have been revered as the luckiest and most precious of the stones because it contains the color of many other gemstones.  There has also been much supernatural lore around this stone.  Arabic legends say that opals fall from the skies in flashes of lightning, the Romans believed that they gave its wearer protection from disease, and European cultures have associated opals with hope, purity and truth.

Pictured above: Facets 14k gold and opal earrings $350, ring $325

2. Classy Halloween Decor

While witches and goblins can be fun, they aren’t exactly known for their aesthetic appeal. If you want to celebrate the season without scaring anyone that comes into your home, opt for accents that highlight the natural beauty of fall and fit right into your personal style.  A few beautiful seasonal pieces can transform a room with very little effort.

Pictured above: Simon Pearce glass pumpkins: small round $105, medium round $155, small tall $105

3. Autumn Hues

Nothing beats the burst of color that awaits us during the month of October.  There is something so welcoming and warm in deep oranges and reds that make us want to snuggle up and embrace the season.  Incorporating these colors into your style add a nice accent to a neutral palette or a fun compliment to an already colorful look.

Pictured above: Facets 14k gold and cushion cut citrine pendant $225, 18k gold and imperial topaz and diamond earrings $3,550

4. Facets Collection

This colorful collection is one of our favorites to find the perfect accessory to match any outfit. With the variety of gemstones and styles in all price ranges there is something for everyone in this collection.

Pictured above: Facets 14k gold cushion cut earrings in blue topaz $225, and amethyst $225

5. Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A large part of our company culture is to support our community and local organizations.  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are proud to work with the Princeton YWCA Breast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC) and support their mission to provide programs that help women and families through the breast cancer journey.  During the month of October, we will be donating 10% of all online sales to the BCRC to help them continue to provide amazing services and support to those in need. 

Pictured above: 18k gold and pink sapphire breast cancer ribbon charm $195, 18k rose gold and pink sapphire ring $1,950


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