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We would like to do a special shout out to the amazing female designers whose work we are proud to carry. While we share their beautiful pieces on a regular basis, it is important to learn about the mind behind the design. Scroll down to learn more about these incredible designers.

Temple St. Clair

Temple St. Clair

For over 30 years, Temple St. Clair has been translating her passion for creative expression into stunning pieces of wearable art using the finest gold and gemstones. St. Clair introduced her first fine jewelry collection in 1986 and has been growing ever since, becoming known as an essential for top fashion publications and celebrities worldwide. Not only is she recognized for creating the fine jewelry collections we carry, but also for her haute couture work that has been on display at the Louvre and has drawn spectators and collectors from all over the world. Her exquisite and uncompromising choice in material and execution of her designs inspired by the world around her has granted St. Clair critical acclaim from the industry and collectors alike. This year, St. Clair was awarded the GEM Award for Jewelry Design, the jewelry industry’s most prestigious honor.

View her collection here

Ippolita Rostagno

In 1999, Italian artist and designer Ippolita Rostagno founded her namesake company, IPPOLITA to address a void in fine jewelry. She realized that at the time jewelry was very traditional and primarily worm only on special occasions. Rostagno sought out to create a collection of fine jewelry that created a lighter look while still making the woman wearing her pieces feel beautiful. Since then, IPPOLITA has pioneered the concept of cool fine jewelry designed to be worn every day and for all occasions. Her stylish creations can be seen on women all over the world including today’s top celebrities.

View her collection here

The Gumuchian Family

Their tag line says it all: “Designed by Women For Women”. Owned and operated by Anita Gumuchian and her two daughters, this boutique company has quickly made a name for itself in the fine jewelry world. Gumuchian is known for its exquisite design and incredible attention to detail, but go behind the scenes and you learn that this company does it all. From the selection of the finest diamonds, to the actual manufacturing, everything is kept within the company to ensure the highest standards. Anita and her daughters even design every piece in their collection using their intuitive feel for what modern women of style crave today.

View their collection here

Jade Lustig

Jade Trau
The mind behind the Jade Trau Collection, Jade Lustig, takes inspiration for her designs from all aspects of her life, drawing upon her family heritage as a sixth generation diamantaire and her current role as a wife and mother, allowing her to create meticulously crafted jewelry that is also comfortable and versatile. Known for her trend-setting ear cuffs and stackable bracelets, her designs have been a favorite of in-the-know women and style influencers in New York and beyond. Most recently, she has gained critical acclaim as the designer of the much loved one-of-a-kind diamond cuff worn by Olivia Munn at the Oscars.

View her collection here

 Angélique Knafo

Angelique de Paris
Angélique Knafo, the creative director and designer for her namesake collection Angélique de Paris, loved everything artistic from an early age and actively sought out experiences and education to enhance her love and create a career out of it. During her thirteen years living in Paris, she amassed undergraduate and advanced graduate degrees specializing in art history, business, photography, gemology, French cuisine, Japanese language and more. With the belief that “A woman who doesn’t wear jewelry misses an opportunity to express the many facets of herself”, Knafo has created a collection of wearable art inspired by her own artistic background and world travels that seek to adorn and embellish.

View her collection here

Audrey Savransky


Part of a multi-generational family of jewelers, Audrey Savransky founded AS29 in 2008 based on the concept that no woman should ever have to suffer from diamond envy. Designed using precise techniques to allow for optimum sparkle, AS29 was her cure to the aches and pains associated with a lack of diamond accessories.

View her collection here


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