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Summer is all about keeping it simple and stress-free and that applies to your jewelry as well. You can put your bulky, thick pieces away for the season and start wearing no-fuss, clean pieces for just the right amount of glamour.

This summer, lose the clunky statement pieces and choose from a more minimalistic selection. (Keep in mind that minimalistic doesn’t mean less sparkle!)
The fashion world is going through a revival of the 90’s and in all the best ways. Chokers are Diamond Collar Necklaceback and this time they’re not black and rainbow, they’re silver and gold. A simple thin choker topped with diamonds is the perfect addition to a little white dress.

For the long layered look without the bulk, try a lariat necklace in rose gold with a splattering of diamonds.

Adding rings to is an easy way to make an otherwise plain outfit pop. Stay on trend with stacking rings, as they’re like the jewelry version of layering clothes. Adding a bright ring with a flower motif is ideal next to a few thin silver bands. For a more trendy signature

ring, go for an arrow-shaped wrap ring adorned with diamonds. If you enjoy a minimalistic look, try a thin white gold ring with a single diamond accent.Stack Ring


Summer means sweat and sweat means putting your hair up. Whether it’s intricate braids or a smooth ponytail, a pair of earrings will add an extra touch of summer glamour. Whether it’s classic diamonds or a pair of Lightning Studssparkling birthstones, the key is to look effortless. You can also juxtapose the sweet looks of summer with a pair of tough black lightning bolt studs that will punch up a lacy frock.

The key to summer style is to look breezy and relaxed, so keeping your jewelry dainty and minimal is a surefire way to succeed.


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