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Arguably the most well known of the fine gemstones, diamonds have been desired by both women and men alike for thousands of years. For those of you with April birthdays, you are extra lucky to have this gem as your birthstone, because although it is a commonly used stone, it is one of the most unique and fascinating.

A diamond goes through a lot before you see it in your favorite piece of jewelry. Most diamonds formed more than a billion years ago deep in the earth under extreme heat and pressure. As the earth shifts, they are ejected violently upward until they arrive at or near the surface where they are then mined, cleaned and cut.

Besides its brilliant sparkle, diamonds are also known for their hardness. They are the hardest material on earth and can only be scratched by another diamond. This quality makes them perfect for any type of jewelry, especially rings!

When looking to buy a diamond consider the 4Cs (Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat Weight), created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as the universal language of diamond quality. Any qualified jeweler will be able to tell you all about these qualities and how to use them to find your own beautiful diamond.

While diamonds are most known in their colorless state,  fancy colored diamonds have recently made an impact in the luxury jewelry world. This is due to their rarity and aesthetic combination of a diamond’s sparkle and beautiful color, that is hard to match. Diamonds naturally come in several colors including yellow, red, pink, blue and green, but only 1 in 100,000 diamonds mined display enough natural color to be designated as a fancy color diamond.  Because of this, the more vivid the color, the more expensive the stone.

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