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new breitling

A rattrapante features two seconds hands attached to the chronograph module; starting the chronograph triggers both hands to start simultaneously, a second push stops the first second hand while the second continues tracking time, and a third push catches the stopped hand up to the moving hand.


This complication is no easy feat to design, and not only has Breitling developed its own in-house rattrapante for its newest edition of the iconic Navitimer, but it also integrated into the movement an isolating mechanism to improve efficiency, a design that required two patents by itself. Breitling calls this version of the Navitimer “The Ultimate Mechanical Chronograph,” and it’s hard to disagree. breitling


The Navitimer Rattrapante is available in two case materials, steel and red gold, and features an exclusive bronze-colored dial, and a discreet date window at 4:30. Other than those changes, this new model looks the part with the Navitimer’s instantly-recognizable design.


The movement is nicely decorated and visible through a sapphire caseback, and the automatic movement has a minimum power reserve of 70 hours. It’s not often that such an iconic toolwatch gets such a significant, sophisticated upgrade to its interior, but by doing so, Breitling has given us the ultimate package.





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