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We have finally made it to our number one!


With the same forward-thinking approach that inspired them to launch the first TAG Heuer Connected watch last year, it’s no surprise that TAG continues to hone its product by introducing the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45.

 TAG Heuer Connected

While TAG’s original smartwatch gave its wearer the ability to customize the dial and display of the watch, the Modular takes this one step further. Now, not only can the dial be customized, but the lugs and strap can be easily swapped out as well, and if you miss the feeling of a mechanical watch on the wrist, Tag offers a mechanical module that can also be swapped in.

For those who really want everything this system has to offer, Tag even offers a module with a bone fide tourbillon. All told, there are over fifty variations of the Connected Modular available at launch. As with the original version, the Connected Modular stands as proof of TAG Heuer’s philosophy that while the watch world may be rapidly changing, there is a way to hold onto the past and look forward at the same time.


You will have the opportunity to play around with this groundbreaking piece (and you will definitely want to) at our exclusive pop-up shop during Watch Fair or check out our Facebook live video Saturday at 10:30am where we will be getting up close and personal with this piece.

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