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5 Pearl Pieces We Love for June

Happy birthday June babies! Not only do you get to celebrate the start of summer, you also get the beautiful pearl as your birthstone.

Pearls have been used as an adornment for centuries and were a favorite of the Roman Empire. They are especially unique as they are the only gems from living sea creatures and require no faceting or polishing to reveal their natural beauty.

Pearls have been making a steady comeback in the fashion world, but these are not your mother’s pearls. While a classic strand or pendant provides a great professional look, multi-color pearls and pearl pieces with gemstones have become a favorite for designers.

Celebrate June’s birthstone with some of our favorite pearl pieces.

Pearl Lariat Necklace

A big trend we have been seeing on the runway and red carpet is the ‘Y’ shape or lariat necklace. The unique shape accented with a black freshwater pearl is the perfect piece for a plunging neckline which has also been a recent red carpet favorite. Black Freshwater Pearl Sterling Silver Lariat Necklace. $75

Double Pearl Earrings

These double-pearl stud earrings put a funky twist on otherwise classic pearl earrings. 18k Gold Double White Freshwater Pearl Earrings. $650

Diamond Pearl Ring

This ring is definitely not in your grandmother’s collection. We love the swirl of diamonds that add a unique design and accentuate the curves of the pearl. 18K Rose Gold Grey Pearl and Diamond Ring. $795

Mikimoto Pearl Choker
Mikimoto has been the name synonymous with luxury cultured pearls for over a century and they continue to create beautiful and innovative designs. Chokers have busted back into the fashion scene and this classic strand of pearls shortened to choker length adds a fun take on a true classic. Mikimoto 18k White Gold Pearl Choker. $2,680

Mikimoto Pearl Bracelet
Another innovative take on the classic pearl, this time in a bracelet, Mikimoto put together pearls of different sizes to create a stunning treat for the eyes. Mikimoto 18k White Gold Akoya Pearl Bracelet. $1,190

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