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*Originally published August 2015

celebrity engagement rings


Fashion website WhoWhatWear recently came out with an article detailing the most popular cut for celebrities’ engagement rings – Emerald.

Emerald-cut diamonds are versatile and timeless. Their shape is perfect for slender hands and makes any gemstone look beautiful. You can let it dazzle by itself on a thin band or pair it with other gemstones, for an Art Deco look. Another benefit of an emerald cut is that it is generally less expensive than other cuts, like a traditional round cut.

Some things to consider with an emerald-cut stone is the clarity; since there aren’t as many facets like other cuts, there’s less room for imperfections within the stone. (The money you save buying this cut can be put towards a stone with better clarity!) Brides who rock emerald cut are confident and unafraid to take risks, while still keeping a sense of poise.

The simple and elegant cut can be found on rings belonging to Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham and more. Scroll down to view our favorite pieces featuring emerald cut stones.

Lisette Engagement Ring

For the classic emerald cut diamond ring, this sparkler from our Lisette collection will definitely turn heads wherever you go, thanks to the brilliant center diamond and double halo setting.


For a more contemporary look, this ring has four bands of pave diamonds with a beautiful emerald cut diamond, front and center.


If you love the Art Deco look and want a little color in your engagement ring, this ring combines the beauty of deep green emeralds and sparkling white diamonds with a dazzling emerald in the center.

This wedding band from our Classics collection features 5 carats of gorgeous emerald cut diamonds, the perfect complement to an already gorgeous engagement ring.

If rings aren’t your thing, pull a Carrie Bradshaw and wear your diamond around your neck with this emerald cut diamond pendant from our Lisette collection.

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