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The 5 Watch Types Every Woman Needs: Casual, Business, Luxury & More

The 5 Watch Types Every Woman Needs

Timepieces are classic accessories that can add the finishing touch to any attire for any event or situation. Watches come in various designs and styles, meaning that one watch alone may not be appropriate to wear at all times. We’ve outlined the main 5 types of timepieces that every woman should have to complete her look.

1. The Go-To Women’s Watch

The first, and perhaps the most important, watch a woman should have in her collection is the “go-to.” This is the piece that suits most situations and is a safe bet when accessorizing in a hurry—when in doubt wear this one out! Such a timepiece can be dressed up or dressed down with an outfit, transitioning from a conversation piece with jeans and a t-shirt, to a passable shine for a more elegant evening. Look for a classic look with neutral or monochromatic color schemes. A hint of refinement, such as mother-of-pearl facing or diamonds haloing the face, are features that can be had on this kind of watch.

2. The Work Watch

The modern woman is a professional making waves in her work. For your work watch, be sure to skip bright colors, stones, or anything that is too large. The office is a place for professionalism and status, not a fashion show. A timepiece that is sleek, predominantly metal, with a modest dial, says, “this woman means business.”

3. The Sport Watch

Gone are the days of the dainty damsel in distress. Women are running marathons, hitting the gym, and roundhousing the bags in kickboxing. While accessories are usually the last thing women think about when they put on their gym clothes, having a sport watch can be essential for several reasons. First, they are designed to withstand the excessive movement, impact, and moisture. Second, they often help monitor a workout’s progress. Finally, they can help a busy mom or professional keep accurate time during their workouts, so they’re never late for getting their kids off the bus or missing that important phone call.

4. The Casual Watch

Don’t let the name fool you; a casual watch can be for the daily fashionista or for a fun night out with the girls. These are generally on the lower end of the price scale, come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes, so the fashion-forward lady can have several of these to suit any attire and color palette.

5. The Luxury Watch

Okay, ladies, here it is, THE must-have watch in your collection. Luxury watches not only tell the world that this is a woman of elegance, taste, and refinement, but that the queen wearing it is keeping an eye to the future. Fine watches are pieces that get passed down for generations and seldom ever depreciate in value. Such a watched, paired with even the simplest fine black dress, sends a statement that cannot be ignored.

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