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How He Asked: Alisha and Donovan’s Fairytale Hamilton Engagement Story

How He Asked: Alisha and Donovan’s Fairytale Engagement Story

For over 100 years, Hamilton Jewelers has been behind countless engagements and happily ever afters. We are excited to share with you our most recent proposal:  

Congratulations and a lifetime of happiness to Alisha and Donovan! 

A grey-scale Alisha and Donovan standing together in front of Little Hall.

How We Met 

Alisha and Donovan met back in the day at the YMCA summer camp as camp counselors. Donovan even recalls how she would have her group follow his around all day—even if the room was too small for all the kids! A few years passed of as friends, but then one day Alisha reached out to him and they made a date to watch fireworks. The rest was history, and there certainly were fireworks.  

How He Asked 

They had been talking about getting engaged since the first year they started dating (back in 2016). One weekend, during their walk through Princeton, they decided to walk in to Hamilton Jewelers—that Tudor-style store you always see but never causally walk into.  

By chance they struck up a conversation with one of the owners and their attention drifted over to the engagement ring section. They were immediately impressed by the friendliness and personable nature of the owner. The couple knew straight away that they wanted to work with Hamilton for the most monumental moment in their lives thus far.


Alisha (left) and Donovan (right) walk hand in hand.

Unbeknownst to Alisha, Donovan had been in contact with the jeweler for weeks on end after that visit, and planned for their simple winter vacation to be one to remember. After asking Alisha’s father for permission to marry her, Donovan contacted the hotel in Lake Tahoe to help transform their room. 

On February 8, 2019, the two arrived at the hotel after a seven-hour flight. Upon entering the room, Alisha immediately noticed the flowers and thought, “How sweet that they offer complimentary roses, flowers and champagne for the week of Valentine’s Day.” 

Donovan asked Alisha to look at a card located by the champagne, and when she turned around, he was down on one knee with the engagement ring! In front of mountainous view, next to a beautiful bouquet of flowers, surrounded by chocolate covered strawberries, champagne and endless love, Donovan asked her to be his forever.  

How We Chose the Ring  

Donovan chose the ring after meeting with Andrew and Yvonne with Alisha during a random pop in. Before that visit, he hadn’t yet decided where to create his custom engagement ring, but after visiting, he knew Hamilton was the place. Donovan set up a few more meetings with Yvonne, who expertly guided him through the ring process. Donovan felt at ease through the entire process—Yvonne spoke with confidence and had an answer for every question he had. Eventually, Donovan left with a perfect engagement ring.  

The couple has decided that they will definitely be back for wedding bands!  

ring in flower

Like Donovan and Alisha, we can help you find your perfect engagement ring. Our experts are here to assist you every step of the way.  

See all of our different rings and get inspired today!  

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