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The Power of Celebrity Style & Hamilton Jewelers

Do you ever find yourself admiring the jewelry on celebrities and wishing you could recreate their looks? It is easier than you think with the perfect pieces from Hamilton Jewelers! Whether it is classic pieces or the newest, boldest jewelry trends, you can find lots of inspiration for styling your Hamilton jewelry with class and pizzazz. Follow our lead as we take looks from the hottest Hollywood stars and show you how to get the look.  

Princess Kate Middleton

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton

Source: Wikimedia Commons, Ricky Wilson | Attribution 2.0 Generic

Princess Kate Middleton encapsulates class. Perfectly royal in every way, she seems to always wear perfectly balanced jewelry looks with grace and ease. From sapphires and emeralds to diamonds and pearls, her looks are always understated and never garish. If your style is all about the pieces that perfectly compliment your outfits with classic bedazzling, Kate is your girl. 

Sapphire Drop Earrings

Kate is known to wear sapphires. And in her Trooping the Colour look, pictured above, she accessorized her beautiful green suit with the late Princess Diana’s famous diamond and sapphire earrings. These Hamiton blue sapphire drop earrings will make you feel like royalty.  


Pearl Drop Earrings

Kate loves an earring, and you cannot get more classic than these Mikimoto cultured pearl and diamond drop earrings.


Emerald and Diamond Studs

In keeping with the earring trend we all know Kate highlights, these emerald and diamond studs go with nearly any look. These studs boast mosaic set princess and oval shaped emeralds. Perfect for a princess!




Source: Wikimedia Commons, DoD News | Attribution 2.0 Generic

Let’s take a total 180 and break down Rihanna’s accessory style. Rihanna is known to be a bit of a maximalist when it comes to accessorizing her looks. So even if her edgy style is not completely up your alley, but you just cannot help but max out your look, you can still take style tips from this fashion powerhouse! Hamilton will help break it down for you. 

Ombre Pearl Necklace

When going for a look like Rihanna’s it is important to take a classic idea and add a dramatic or edgy twist. Her MET Gala look with layered pearls was both edgy and dramatic, but there is nothing more classic than a strand of pearls. This Hamilton Private Reserve ombre pearl necklace accomplishes just that. Made from white gold and cultured south sea and tahitian pearls this is an unexpected stunner.  


Floral and Diamond Stud Earrings

Rihanna’s style is bold but feminine. These floral and diamond stud earrings are a feminine piece that can be worn with many other styles or everyday wear. 


A Bold Diamond Choker

Go Bold with a diamond choker like this 14k white gold one from Hamilton. It is adjustable and boasts a total carat weight of 3.38 carats


Gwenyth Paltrow

Gwenyth Paltrow

Source: Wikimedia Commons, Andrea Raffin | Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

Paltrow’s personal style oozes simple, lived in, classic pieces. Clothes and jewelry that can be worn day in and day out. A little understated? Maybe. But never over-the-top. Gwenyth’s talent for remaining restrained and timeless is a pure gift.  

Hamilton Heart Pendant Necklace

Gwenyth Paltrow can be seen photographed wearing necklaces with heart pendants like this one.  


Love Knot Earrings

We can see Gwenyth wearing these perfectly simple and classic love knot earrings.  


Sara Ramirez

Portraying one of the new characters on And Just Like That is Sara Ramirez, and just like their character Che Diaz, Sara does not like to fall into the background. When it comes to celebrity style, there are few stars who can pull off a look quite like Sara Ramirez. Known for their edgy fashion choices and impeccable taste, Sara always manages to make a statement wherever they go.  

Diamond Claw Cuff Earring

These diamond claw cuff earrings are edgy and are sure to give you a statement making piece to complete any ensemble.  


White Gold Baguette and Diamond Geometric Earrings

These statements make earrings are bold and beautiful. We are quite sure Sara would rock a geometric modern style earring like these.  


White Gold Diamond Necklace

Whether layered or standing alone this impressive diamond link necklace is the perfect emulation of Sara’s glitzy and edgy look.


Jacob Elordi

Slated to play Elvis later this year in the highly anticipated Sophia Coppola movie, Priscilla, Jacob Elordi is bursting onto the fashion scene. No stranger to jewelry, Jacob’s style is masculine and maximalist. David Yurman seems to be a favorite for him to wear and who can blame him? Yurman’s pieces, whether leaning feminine or masculine, are timeless and works of art for the body. Recreate Jacob’s look with some of Hamilton’s suggestions.

David Yurman Cairo Wrap Band


David Yurman Deco Signet Ring


Chevron Tag Necklace

Get Jacob’s layered look by starting with this beautiful sterling silver chevron pendant. The chain is sold separately which makes personalizing chain width and length exceptionally easy. 


Amulet Box Chain Necklace

This box chain necklace is the perfect bold layering piece we just know Jacob would wear. 


Sydney Sweeney

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton

Source: Wikimedia Commons, © Glenn Francis, www.PacificProDigital.com

With her breakout role as Cassie in Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney has become a household name whose style is ever evolving. Blending Gen Z energy and old-world elegance, Sydney’s jewelry choices are always a surprise.  

Yellow Diamond Drop Earrings

We love a statement drop earring like the aquamarine ones Sydney wore. These yellow diamond drop earrings are another option to give that bit of colorful drama to an elegant look.  


Black Diamond Tennis Necklace

A truly unique piece, this tennis necklace is made from 14k black gold set with diamonds. It is sure to impress, and we think someone like Sydney Sweeney would definitely be caught wearing this.  


Get your favorite celebrity’s look today!

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