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  • March 29, 2019

    The 5 Watch Types Every Woman Needs: Casual, Business, Luxury & More

    Cartier Hypnose WatchSmall Model, 18K Pink Gold, Leather, Diamonds

    The 5 Watch Types Every Woman Needs
    Timepieces are classic accessories that can add the finishing touch to any attire for any event or situation. Watches come in various designs and styles, meaning that one watch alone may not be appropriate to wear at all times. We’ve outlined the main 5 types of timepieces that every […]

  • December 8, 2018

    Understanding What Power Reserve Means

    *Originally published December 2017
    When we show a mechanical watch to connoisseurs, they often ask, “How much power reserve does it have?”  What we in America call Power Reserve, the Swiss refer to as “Reserve de Marche,” and we want to explain what it means and how a watch is endowed with power.

    Essentially, when a mechanical […]

  • October 20, 2018

    Understanding Power Reserve


    *Originally published October 2015
    In watch lingo, we often talk about the power reserve, sometimes referred to in Swiss watches as Reserve de Marche. Essentially, power reserve indicates how long a mechanical watch can run when fully wound. Every mechanical watch offers a certain amount of power before needing to be wound.

    To power a watch, a spring […]

  • August 15, 2018

    Understanding the Difference Between Automatic and Hand-Winding Mechanical Watches

    Hamilton-Jewelers-aBlogtoWatch-Event--5 (2)

    Often we get questions from customers about mechanical watches. Generally, they’d like to understand the difference between mechanical self-winding watches and hand-winding watches. Here, we explain the difference in simple terms…
    A mechanical watch is made of hundreds of tiny parts that work together without using batteries (as in quartz watches) or without use of solar […]

  • August 13, 2018

    Understanding What ‘Water Resistance’ Really Means

    *Originally published August 2014

    We get a lot of questions about water resistance, especially in summer. Among the questions asked of us: “Can I swim or shower with my watch? What makes it water resistant and can it become non-water resistant? Do I have to do anything special to keep it water resistant?” So on and […]

  • August 7, 2018

    Leather, Fabric, Rubber or Metal? That Is the Question

    *Originally published August 2014

    With summer comes activity, heat, moisture, water sports and more. All of these things play a role in the lifespan of your watch and, more importantly, your watchstrap. Knowing what type of watchstrap to wear (if your strap is interchangeable), or what type of strap to buy, can go a long way […]

  • July 27, 2018

    Why Does My Mechanical Watch Need to Be Serviced?

    Just like your car needs regular maintenance, so, too, does your fine mechanical watch. Let’s face it, it is comprised of hundreds of tiny mechanical parts, as well as lubricants that — if they get old, dry or sticky — can affect the way your watch performs.
    How often a watch should be serviced is the […]

  • July 23, 2018

    What It Means When a Watch Is a Certified Chronometer


    *Originally published July 2015

    We often field the question, “What is a certified chronometer?” With summer here and extreme activities, such as flying and diving, often taking center stage, it is a good time to address the topic. First developed back in the 18th century for boats and after decades upon decades of research and development, a ship’s […]

  • July 17, 2018

    Here’s How a Quartz Watch Works

    *Originally published July 2014

    First developed in the late 1970s, quartz watches are a relatively new phenomena in the centuries-old craft of watchmaking. Unlike watches with mechanical movements, quartz watches are a whole different breed.

    Essentially, a quartz watch is battery powered. The watch uses a low-frequency, tiny piece of quartz crystal (silicon-dioxide) placed either like an […]

  • June 26, 2018

    Tracking the Origin of the Swiss Watchmaking Industry


    *Originally published June 2015

    Early Audemars Piguet opening travel pocket watch
    It is said that Swiss watches are considered the best in the world, but did you know that the country’s ascent to the pinnacle of watchmaking was spurred nearly 475 years ago by the “anti-bling” decrees of Protestant Reformist John Calvin.
    Beginning today, we will be bringing you a series of articles […]