A Look At Hamilton’s Record Breaking 20th Annual PBG Watch Fair

Hamilton’s Palm Beach Gardens’ 20th Anniversary Watch Fair Set Records! Hamilton Jewelers celebrated their 20th Watch Fair in November and set a record for the anniversary! For two days our Palm Beach Gardens location featured over 1,000 watches from the[…]

Introducing The New Hamilton Watch & Timepiece Salon In Princeton, NJ

Introducing The New Hamilton Watch Salon At Our Princeton Luxury Jewelry Store Luxury is not a number. Luxury is an experience. For over 100 years, Hamilton Jewelers has been classed among the finest jewelry stores.[…]

Black Opal Stones: Origin, Formation, Value & More About This Rare Gemstone

The Black Opal: The Mother Of All Gemstones Black opals are rare gemstones with a personality entirely its own. It was Shakespeare who gave black opals their moniker, “The Mother of All Gemstones,” but it[…]

Fine Jewelry For The 1920s Vintage & Great Gatsby Inspired Bride

The Vintage Bride Goes Gatsby For The New Year As we welcome the new decade, brides looking to spice up their wedding day with vintage flair have the ultimate inspiration: the return of the Roaring[…]

The Most Flattering Engagement Ring Styles For Your Hands & Fingers

The Most Flattering Engagement Ring Style For Your Hands  Hand size and finger length give hands their own character that few people take into consideration when purchasing an engagement ring, or any fine jewelry for that matter. Just[…]

All About Rubies: Fine Jewelry Grading, Origin & July Birthstone Facts

The Rare Red Gemstone: Science, Grading & Everything Else About Rubies & Their Value Rubies rank among the top four (4) most valuable gemstones, the other three being: emerald, sapphire, and diamond. This is due[…]

Understanding Fine Jewelry: Colored Gemstone & Birthstone Grading

How To Determine A Colored Gemstone’s Quality And Grading: Color, Cut, Carat, Clarity The most common reason people shop for gemstones is to purchase or design fine birthstone jewelry. Ranging in colors, durability, and rareness, nature does not[…]

How Much Should You Spend On A Diamond Engagement Ring?

How The 4C’s of Diamonds Affects the Price of An Engagement Ring When it comes to spending money on a diamond engagement ring, the first thing to know is that you can toss the two-month[…]

Classic Bridal Jewelry: What Do Brides Wear?

Fine Jewelry For The Traditional Bride On Her Wedding Day “Classic” and “Traditional” brides are not old fashioned or out of style— they are timeless. These women showcase a respected elegance on their wedding day[…]

What is the Most Popular and Average Carat Size for Engagement Rings?

Carat Size & Engagement Rings What is a Carat? A carat is a unit of measurement specifically used for weighing diamonds and other gems. Remember that carat is the weight, not the size of a[…]

Bridal Fashion: The Boho Bride & The Ideal Jewelry For Her Unique Look

What Is The Boho Look? The boho look is as elegant as it is relaxed. Inspired by nature, this is an aesthetic that is as made to look organic and effortless in design. Wedding dresses[…]

Bridal Fashion: Jewelry For Beyond The Wedding To Be Worn Time & Again

Bridal Fashion: Jewelry For Beyond The Wedding When a bride dons her attire on her wedding day, she knows that while she will never again wear the same white dress, the engagement ring & wedding band on her finger[…]

Use Your Engagement Ring Budget Wisely: How To Make It & Stick To It

When a person decides to propose marriage to the love of his or her life, the first thing that must be decided upon before ring shopping is budget. Most people automatically believe that they need[…]

Should You Finance Or Purchase An Engagement Ring? We Makes It Easy!

When a person buys an engagement ring, they don’t have to walk into a jewelry store with several thousand dollars in their pocket to lay down on the counter. Buying an engagement ring (or any[…]

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