Give Some “Love” This Valentine’s Day With Fine Jewelry From Hamilton

Valentine’s Day Is Almost Here & Love Is In The Air! This Valentine’s Day get back to basics with a gift that represents what the holiday is all about: Love. Give them a token of[…]

A Hamilton Love Story: Jenna & Matt

How He Asked: A Hamilton Jewelers Valentine’s Day Story  For over 100 years, Hamilton Jewelers has been part of countless successful proposals and engagements. We are proud to share with you one of our most[…]

The House of Repossi: A Family of Modern Luxury & Fine Jewelry Design

Fine Jewelry Designer Jewelry Spotlight: The House of Repossi Founded in Torino, Italy in 1920, fine jewelry designer Repossi has a century-old tradition of family and finery. Since its inception, House of Repossi has become[…]

Fine Jewelry Styles For 2020: Gold, Chains, Hoops, The 1920’s & More

New Year & New Fine Jewelry Trends of 2020 With the new decade, fine jewelry designers are bringing back some old looks and shaking things up with new ones. One thing is for certain, like[…]

A Look At Hamilton’s Record Breaking 20th Annual PBG Watch Fair

Hamilton’s Palm Beach Gardens’ 20th Anniversary Watch Fair Set Records! Hamilton Jewelers celebrated their 20th Watch Fair in November and set a record for the anniversary! For two days our Palm Beach Gardens location featured over 1,000 watches from the[…]

Introducing The New Hamilton Watch & Timepiece Salon In Princeton, NJ

Introducing The New Hamilton Watch Salon At Our Princeton Luxury Jewelry Store Luxury is not a number. Luxury is an experience. For over 100 years, Hamilton Jewelers has been classed among the finest jewelry stores.[…]

All About Rubies: Fine Jewelry Grading, Origin & July Birthstone Facts

The Rare Red Gemstone: Science, Grading & Everything Else About Rubies & Their Value Rubies rank among the top four (4) most valuable gemstones, the other three being: emerald, sapphire, and diamond. This is due[…]

Garnets: Fine Jewelry Grading, Origin & January Birthstone Facts

Garnets: The January Gemstone Of Many Colors & Uses When people think of a garnet, the red January birthstone comes to mind. Garnets are so much more than the average person realizes. They are much more involved in our[…]

Rock Your Wedding Day As An Alternative Bride With This Fine Jewelry

The Rock n’ Roll Fine Jewelry For The Alternative Bride On Her Wedding Day The Alternative Bride is a lady all Rock n’ Roll. Her wedding will by no means be whitewashed and traditional. She’s[…]

From Minimalist To Colorful: Hamilton Has Jewelry For Any Modern Bride

Wedding Day Fine Jewelry For Every Modern Bride’s Individual Style The modern bride is a difficult woman to pigeon hole. She is confident in her own skin and she is true to her own style. In a time when individuality[…]

All About Emeralds: May Birthstone, Fine Jewelry Grading & Fun Facts

Emerald: The King of Jewels & May’s Birthstone Among the oldest and most rare stones to come from the earth, emeralds are the kings among jewels. Far more rare than diamonds, this May birthstone is among the most valuable of all gemstones. With a[…]

All About Sapphires: Grading, Origin & September Birthstone Facts

What Is A Sapphire: The Secrets of the Beloved Blue Gemstone. The most common colored gemstone, sapphires are second to diamonds in popularity. Compared to the deep blue of the ocean, sapphires have an allure that has captivated people for thousands of[…]

Understanding Fine Jewelry: Colored Gemstone & Birthstone Grading

How To Determine A Colored Gemstone’s Quality And Grading: Color, Cut, Carat, Clarity The most common reason people shop for gemstones is to purchase or design fine birthstone jewelry. Ranging in colors, durability, and rareness, nature does not[…]

How Much Should You Spend On A Diamond Engagement Ring?

How The 4C’s of Diamonds Affects the Price of An Engagement Ring When it comes to spending money on a diamond engagement ring, the first thing to know is that you can toss the two-month[…]

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