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Diamond Education: Learn About The 4 C's Of Diamonds.

Diamonds are rare, precious stones, prized for their beauty and strength, making them iconic for engagement rings. However, not all diamonds are formed equally in the earth, and there are fraudulent man-made stones that can deceive the uneducated buyer. At Hamilton, our diamonds are ethically curated to meet the best standards, but we also want our customers to feel confident in their decision when they purchase such iconic, heirloom stones.

Please watch these short videos made by the elite diamond and gem experts at GIA速 to understand the 4 C's of diamonds and make a confident, educated purchase.

The 4 C's: Color

Although much more rare, diamonds can form in almost any color. Gems such as these are some of the most valuable and famous in the world. Learn about how diamonds naturally form to have vibrant, rainbow-like color.

The 4 C's: Clarity

The 4 C's: Cut

The 4 C's: Carat