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Mission Statement


Enhance the value of the Hamilton brand by ensuring that Hamilton is the most trusted independent jeweler in our markets, as a result of our authority, expertise, and service excellence. Hamilton is nationally known as one of the premier heritage fine jewelry brands in America that remains family owned.


Inspire the loyalty of Hamilton clients by being the most trusted jeweler in our markets; be an authority in each area of our business; act responsibly and ethically.


Hamilton Core Values: These clarify what Hamilton stands for, and what we believe in.

Hamilton has strong ties to our clients, communities, and industry. We believe that this is the foundation of a family business and a point of difference for our company. Hamilton seeks to employ individuals who share this commitment, and are personally involved in supporting our communities.

Hamilton employs individuals who treat Hamilton as they would their own business, thinking and acting with initiative, commitment, and attention to detail. We sweat the small stuff.

Hamilton is unique. Our rich, 100-year heritage demands that we maintain the Hamilton tradition of honesty, old-world courtesy, personal responsibility, and professionalism in appearance and conduct.

Hamilton emphasizes the education of our team, and seeks to employ those who are constantly striving to improve. Career development and professional growth are Hamilton priorities, and each team member should become an expert in at least one area of our business. Authoritative knowledge and proper representation of products is essential to enhancing client confidence and the reputation of Hamilton Jewelers.

Hamilton is best-in-class in the fine jewelry world regarding ethical and responsible business practices. We attempt to integrate these practices into each aspect of our company. Hamilton is proud to work collaboratively with and set an example for other leaders to positively affect our industry.

Within the luxury and accessible luxury ranges, Hamilton offers quality. Our selections are well manufactured, beautifully designed, properly presented by a knowledgeable staff, then tastefully wrapped, so that each Hamilton gift is special.

Hamilton is acknowledged for its ability to provide a top tier experience to our guests before, during, and after a purchase. We employ those who seek to serve our clients internal and external at a level higher than expected.