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Create a gift registry, manage your items, share your registry and send it to friends. To create or edit your registry, please click here to begin,here or the button below.

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Registry Benefits

  • Perfect for wedding & bridal registries, birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion.
  • Create your gift registry online in a few easy steps, all you need is a HamiltonJewelers.com account.
  • Use the registry as your own personal 'wishlist' to track the items you want next.
  • E-mail your gift registry to friends and family using our online form.
  • Make your registry private (and send to select friends) or public for everyone to see!
  • Access and manage your registry 24/7 at your convenience, you can add or remove items at any time.
  • Let all your friends know and share your registry on Facebook!
  • Create as many registries as you like!